The first topic we want to discuss is ‘The Purpose of Education’ which we believe is fundamental in steering the future of education policy in the right direction. We have posed a series of questions to stimulate discussion on this topic however, we want you to let us have your views. Please suggest a debate on this first topic by leaving your comments in the box on the right, or go to the debate page to see the topics already being discussed.

  1. Increased diversity

    The move towards schools becoming more diverse started with the creation of city technology colleges in 1989 and picked up pace in 1992 when the first specialist schools were introduced. Higher performing secondary schools were financially incentivised to adopt a particular specialism as a way of carving out a distinct identity for their school in the belief that this would broaden parental choice.

    Phase III: Structures, admissions and accountablity
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    Reconceptualising learning

    There is a wider question about whether the structural changes currently being considered, debated and tested are radical enough to shape an education service for the 21st century.

    Phase III: Structures, admissions and accountablity
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  2. The impact of autonomy on school improvement

    How far has autonomy contributed to school improvement? The Academies Commission found that the autonomy linked to the introduction of academies had “provided much-needed vitality to the school system” but were more equivocal about the gains in attainment.

    Phase III: Structures, admissions and accountablity

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